Johnny’s bistro on main

In baltimore! On vacation!
Stayed w some friends in ellicott city and went to the historic part of the town for some strolling and food. Johnny’s bistro on main is this cute little cafe and their specials for the day were seared ahi tuna and swordfish. It turned out they had pretty amazing sandwiches/paninis and pizza. I got the gobbler which is a turkey panini. Yini got the bistro which was a steak sandwich. Shen got the grilled chicken pizza. My panini was delicious. Bread perfectly crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, plenty of turkey, with roasted peppers and spinach with cheese and some kind of aioli. The pizza was good too. The dough tasted super fresh with a hint of sweetness.



got one more pic of the pizza

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Shrimp and tilapia rice provencal

Completely gone.

It was pretty good. I was hungry and craving seafood. Now I’m happily satisfied.

It was shrimp and tilapia in tomato basil wine sauce, with olives, bell peppers, chopped tomatoes, topped w parsley. Too bad u didn’t get to see the plate when it came out. I’m obviously not a fan of olives.

Location, la madeleine on lemmon


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Lemon chicken orzo soup

Finally get a day off and after sleeping from 2pm to 9am straight, went to panera for some studying. Decided to try their new soup. Don’t know how it is yet but smells very lemony. We shall see. I’m still feeling groggy from sleeping so much

The soup wasn’t bad. I enjoy the breadbowl more than anything else, especially the cap with butter mmmmm. Just saw a girl cutting her turkey sandwich into quarters and saving two quarters in a plastic bag. That’s fine I understand. She’s on a diet. BUT her sandwich was completely plain, two pieces of bread with turkey. Who goes to panera and order two pieces of bread with some cold cuts slapped in between. At least get some lettuce to help move ur bowel.


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Chiefs graduation dinner

Little surf and turf


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When no one came to work at the VA…

Dallas got hit by the snow/ice storm pretty hard during the first part of february. Feb 1st was when the ice storm arrived, and that was when I started the VA rotation. I left home for work an hr earlier so I could take my time driving on ice, and I was stuck on the road on the way home for 2.5 hrs.

There was absolutely nothing worth eating that day at the VA. I don’t think the cooks showed up to work. There was some pathetic looking fried chicken and day old pudding… that was about it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately? The store was open. Or shall we say mini walmart… they have clothes, shoes, pots and pans, electronics, coffeemakers, and lots of junk food. And our daily $7 coupon covers the food there. I decided to try the healthy choice pasta thing, ziti and meat sauce. it was, first of all, slightly complicated to construct, maybe coz I’m super OCD, but it took me forever to figure out what to do with the sauce, whether or not and how to heat it. U have to heat the pasta in water, then strain it. And it turns out u need to heat the sauce separately if u want it heated. The thought of eating cold meat sauce that’s sat on the shelf for days kinda disgusts me. So I heat up the sauce, and mix it in w the pasta…

It tastes gross. Do not buy it, ok maybe if ur really hungry and craving processed pasta and sauce… even then id stick with mcdonalds. Its got this artificial processed taste and aftertaste that just makes u wanna rinse ur mouth with antiseptics and makes u wish u had never shed money on such products. But mine was free.


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Eatzi’s sandwich

There are a few things I really like about Eatzi’s and a few I really don’t, and many more that I feel ambivalent about. Fortunately the sandwich is one of the few that I really like.

Their sandwiches are freshly made, order at the counter. A regular size is $6, a full is $9 (I think, I only get the regular size). There’s a huge selection of bread, meats, toppings and dressing. Bread includes their famous bone bread which in my mind gives u the best deal since a reg size is huuuge, baguette, multigrain, whole wheat, sour dough, ciabatta, orange rye or something like that and a couple of others. Meats include the normal stuff u see at other deli places like turkey, roast beef and ham. They also have turkey pastrami, prociutto, corned beef, chicken salad, tuna salad, etc, and they pile on a huge portion of it.

I’m especially fond of of the turkey pastrami which is what I got this time, on baguette, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, alfafa sprouts, with honey mustard.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I asked for the alfafa sprouts. I felt like a goat eating it.


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The day before the absite

Went to panera for some studying after work. Got the yogurt parfait and their new thai chicken salad, most of which I took home.

I was really yogurt parfaits for a while, thought its a fairly healthy meal option to get me through the day. Its filling, got protein, got some fruit and some unhealthy crunchy granola for texture variation. I’d rather not know how many calories go in each one of these big cup…

Their thai chicken salad wasn’t bad, romaine lettuce, grilled corn, big chunks of chicken, with two kinds of spicy dressing. Ones a little thick and peanutty, the other more like the sweet thai chili sauce.


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