Chef point cafe

I have not posted in a while, but oh man this place is worth a good post. Located in fort worth, behind a gas station, this place looks nondescript on the outside but is truly a gem. and I swear this place was featured on the show Most Eligible Dallas!
It looks just like a convenience store at a gas station, but as soon as you walk in, you are welcomed by the sweet aroma of freshly prepared food, smiling hostesses, an open dining area, and you can see the hustle and bustle back in a semi open kitchen. Apparently they have added on an additional dining area in the back with additional parking, which was probably an extremely wise business decision.
The ambience is casual, the tabletop laminated with various advertisements ranging from spa treatments to chiropracters to car stuff. Silverware wrapped in paper napkins were provided, nothing fancy. The menu was 4 pages full of delicious sounding food, from apps, to salads soups to burgers to poultry to seafood to pasta to grilled items. U name it they probably have it. I got the seafood supreme with mussles, shrimp, scallop in a creamy sauce over bowtie pasta. It came in a giant bowl piping hot, served with a slice of bread. I hadn’t had anything so comforting in a while, completely unpretentious just down to earth freaking declicious food. My friend got the grilled lamb chop that came with grilled veggies. It was covered in this beautiful dark glaze, gorgeous to look at and even better to eat. And lastly we had to try their bread pudding for which they were well known for, well I had to. I’m a bread pudding fiend. It was good, very good. The top is perfectly broiled, the middle soft and sweet in a syrupy cognac sauce. As good as it was, I have to say I’ve had better, but it may just be a difference in style since I prefer to see bread chunks that have their edges and corners slightly browned up and theirs is completely mushed up.

I shall return!


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One Response to Chef point cafe

  1. Let’s go here the next time I visit! Speaking of visiting, I will be in Houston for beer bike (last weekend in March). Are you free by any chance??

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