woodberry kitchen

wow so good! such good service! cute manager! A+++

another brunch with vanzie and karlie. it was a beautiful morning that quickly turned into a wet disaster, but it was soo hilarious. we were sitting on the patio, enjoying the view and our delicious CAKE DOUGHNUT, waiting for our entrees to arrive. then the clouds darkened, and the thunders arrived. rain drops started coming down. they had these giant umbrellas on the patio, almost one for each table, so we were perfectly covered. when our food arrived, the rain became steady, and we thought to ourselves, this is really romantic! before we knew it, the rain got bigger, the wind became stronger, and no matter how much we tried to huddle underneath the umbrella with our little plate of food, we were slapped with rain left and right. the manager had asked us earlier if we wanted to sit inside and we had said no. but now with our food swimming in a pool of water and ourselves just as wet, we said yes to the offer to go inside the restaurant. the best part is, the manager, who was cute as a pie in this country plaid buttondown shirt, offered to pay for our meal, and we were welcome to get more food inside.

so that leads to the food which was amaaazing. i fee like i’ve used this word, and delicious, and good, so many times while i was on this trip. we started off with a cake doughnut, warm, soft, surgary, so fingerlicking good. then i got the cast iron eggs skillet. van got the hangtown fry (sorry no pics because food was wet and we were trying to eat as quickly as possible) which consisted of eggs, shrimp, shallots, bacon, and side of skillet potatoes which i was trying to devour as much as i could as we were being escorted back inside the restaurant. those were some awesome skillet potatoes with that perfectly crunchy skin and soft middle, MMmmmmm. Karl got the ham and heirloom tomato benedict. once we were inside, van and each got a basil mint creamy, which was an iced latte infused with basil and mint, perfectly frothy. the three of us also got some french toast to share, made of pecan challah bread with peaches.

i would most definitely go back for the food, the awesome service, and the cute manager, without the rain next time hopefully.

buttermilk cake doughnut, with cinnamon sugar

the last bite of the doughnut

only cinnamon sugar is left

cast iron skillet eggs, with stewed heirloom tomatoes, onions, squash, and corn

french toast, made with pecan challah bread, with black rock peaches

basil mint creamy, iced latte

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