When no one came to work at the VA…

Dallas got hit by the snow/ice storm pretty hard during the first part of february. Feb 1st was when the ice storm arrived, and that was when I started the VA rotation. I left home for work an hr earlier so I could take my time driving on ice, and I was stuck on the road on the way home for 2.5 hrs.

There was absolutely nothing worth eating that day at the VA. I don’t think the cooks showed up to work. There was some pathetic looking fried chicken and day old pudding… that was about it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately? The store was open. Or shall we say mini walmart… they have clothes, shoes, pots and pans, electronics, coffeemakers, and lots of junk food. And our daily $7 coupon covers the food there. I decided to try the healthy choice pasta thing, ziti and meat sauce. it was, first of all, slightly complicated to construct, maybe coz I’m super OCD, but it took me forever to figure out what to do with the sauce, whether or not and how to heat it. U have to heat the pasta in water, then strain it. And it turns out u need to heat the sauce separately if u want it heated. The thought of eating cold meat sauce that’s sat on the shelf for days kinda disgusts me. So I heat up the sauce, and mix it in w the pasta…

It tastes gross. Do not buy it, ok maybe if ur really hungry and craving processed pasta and sauce… even then id stick with mcdonalds. Its got this artificial processed taste and aftertaste that just makes u wanna rinse ur mouth with antiseptics and makes u wish u had never shed money on such products. But mine was free.


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