Lunch @ Breadwinners

had today off. studied at starbucks in the morning. and it was packed! it was only 9:30. on a tuesday. why do ppl wake up so early. whats wrong w/them. i dragged myself out of bed coz i had to study. Riley was there. he’s the cute barista. i don’t know how i feel about his beard though.

went to breadwinner’s for lunch. i had only had lunch there once before. it’s solid, solid good, not good like their brunch though. but i’m biased coz brunch is my favorite meal of the day. i wish i could eat brunch all day. i do love the little plates of bread they give you as soon as you sit down, regardless of the meal of the day. today it was blueberry bread and zucchini bread, the latter excellent, the former a little dry.

for entree, i had one of their specials. grilled mahi, roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach, and artichoke puree. i wasn’t sure how i’d feel about the puree since i don’t care for babyfood, but it was actually very good, provided the fish w/enough moisture and salt.

tomorrow is my last trauma call!

saturday is my exam, then it’s party time.


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