Went to snuffer’s yesterday with some friends for dinner. Wasn’t feeling like burgers, but it’s the company that counts, right? Also I just don’t think their burgers are that amazing.

To start off, we got the cheddar cheese fries with bacon, chives and jalapenos. I have to say, as much as I am not a cheddar fries fan, that wasn’t bad, certainly much better than their regular cheddar cheese fries. The condiments just add that much flavor and texture, so u are not feeling like u r eating a plate of lard even though u r.

I got the chicken fried steak sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and gravy on the side. It was ok. The chicken fried coating was pretty salty. I still finished most of it. I like that the poppyseed buns are well toasted. It certainly soaked up the two shiners I drank.

Kelly got the fried jalapeno burger.

Steve got the….. I don’t remember… but enjoy the teethmarks on his burger

Location: snuffers on lower greenville


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