Red velvet cupcake

U know how sometimes when u get tipsy, u just want to put something in your stomach even if u r not hungry? Or maybe I’m just a tipsy eater.

I got the red velvet cupcake from Eatzi’s the other day coz it just looked really pretty. I’ve never been a cupcake eater, and the beautiful red velvet cupcake only proved to me once again that I probably won’t ever be a cupcake lover. I have lots of friends who are super into cupcakes, and aren’t they all the rage nowadays in the foodie world? My problem with cupcakes is that they are just too fluffy and bland, and I don’t care for the texture of icing in general. In fact I just really don’t care to stuff my face with tablespoons of icing, as delicious as it maybe. But those are precisely the reasons why others love cupcakes…

As to the Eatzi’s cupcake, it was ok. I really have nothing to say about it…light, bland, tasteless calories.


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One Response to Red velvet cupcake

  1. You must not be eating the right cupcakes if you describe them as “lifht, fluffy, tasteless, bland calories” haha

    Check ou tmy cupcake bog – it migh tchange you mind 🙂

    Stay Calm Have a Cupcake

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