Once again our wonderful TASC I students made my night by organizing a chick-fil-A run. the last time I had chick-fil-A was when I was on colorectal surgery, one of my patients gave me his extra chicken sandwich. he almost gave me his extra giant lemonade too but i turned it down coz i don’t drink juice. it probably sounds like the most disgusting thing ever, that a colorectal surgery patient w/an ostomy bag gave me food, but i actually ate it. hahaha and it was good! that same patient gave me bbq too… i won’t go into the details of that.

anyway, yesterday on call, I did a pus case. woohoo. haha.

and for dinner, i got the spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries. the waffle fries had so much potential. too bad they were cold by the time they got to me. i still ate most of it. with the chick-fil-A sauce. i don’t really know what goes in the chick-fil-A sauce, but it’s kinda like honey mustard only a little sweeter. my spicy chicken sandwich was very tasty, especially dipped in the chick-fil-A sauce. i think the meal was 1000 calories. i didn’t count. i hope i overestimated. $5.20

location: i don’t know. our awesome students brought me the food.


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