Asian snacks

asian snacks are way better than american snacks, tastier, less fattening, and come in tiny little packages (hahah i could make a really bad joke out of it, but i’ll refrain since this is food talk), and are just cute and pretty and adorable looking, like asian women.

the japanese snacks are an assortment of rice crackers in different shapes and forms, fava beans, and peanuts encased in crunchy thingies of different flavors. they are at least $3 a bag and u can get them in any asian grocery store. did i mention asian snacks in america are way pricier?

and now these, these are straight from china! they come in tiny little packages that fit in the palm of your hand, to keep u from overeating. i just eat 5 packs at a time. my mom had to hide them so i dont go thru all of them in 1 day. so these are “little walnuts” (as we call them in china), there’s nothing here thats comparable to these in terms of flavor, texture and degree of addictability (is that a word). seriously these are just amazing little crack nuts that keep u coming back for more (if u could ever manage to take your hands off them in the first place.)

"little walnut meat"

crack nuts

location: you can’t find them here

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