The grape restaurant

went to the grape restaurant for some brunch w Cat. Supposed to be some of the best brunch in the city? And their burger, which is voted the best in town by dallas monthly last yr, is served only during Sunday brunch and Monday dinner. If the supply is that little, gotta be good, right?

I got there at 1130 am, asked for a table for 2, got seated immediately. They ask u if u have reservations, but there were plenty of open seats when I got there that I don’t think u need a reservation unless its a big group. I got a glass a water as soon as I sat down, and a waitress came shortly to get my drink order. I got coffee, very good.

Cat and I decided to share an order of cinnamon pull aparts that came warm and fresh out of the oven, drizzled with plenty of caramel syrup with pecans scattered all over. It was gooey and sticky and soft and crunchy and sweet and just pure heartwarming goodness all around.

Then came my order of the haystack. And lemme tell u my friend, it was one of the best brunch items I had ever eaten, if not the best. Its sooo simple but its just got everything I would ever want on a brunch plate. U often hear about ppl talking about the perfect bite. I have to say I had never experienced that till I partook in this dish. On the bottom is a half scrambled egg more like a fried egg, next layer up is muenster cheese, next is a panfried potato pancake, then thick slices of grilled tomatoes, giant pieces of avocado, all topped with fresh spring lettuce. All of this encircled in a ring of sriracha sauce. U get some egg with semicooked yolk, some crispy potatoes, and some lettuce and tomatoes to cut the grease a little, with some avocado, kicked up a notch by the sriracha heat. Dude it was AWESOME. It was a completely amazing. There were other dishes on the menu that I was considering trying, but after having this, I would not want anything else. This was just absolutely perfect.

Cat got a belgian waffle with bacon. Looked yummy, but oh man my haystack was unbeatable.

Also they giive u these 2 little banana bread muffins when u sit down. Nothing to rave a bout… but I don’t think I could possibly do any more raving than what I had done already.

I left the restaurant a very happy customer.  Only if they had that dish everyday….

Location, the grape restaurant on lower greenville


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