Kathleen’s sky diner

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, and postcall brunch just elevates it to another level, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than going to sleep with a full tummy, well maybe really good sex, but I’ll settle for food right now….. haha just kidding. Not really.

Anyway…. a coworker recommended kathleens for brunch, and I never pass up a good brunch place. So got a group of ppl to go. I also had to wait for Kelly who’s postcall too to get his shit done, and u know how hard it is to stay awake for hrs postcall? Very. It turned out Kelly went home and cleaned up and changed into jeans and this velvet jacket. I was like, thanks for letting me be the only shitty looking person at brunch. Its ok, food did not disappoint.

Kathleens is a cute little restaurant that warms u up as soon as u walk in. Can’t really describe it. U just know it when u r there. I got a mimosa which was very tasty. I normally get coffee but being postcall I know I won’t even try to stay awake.

Then they bring u this basket of baked goods, muffins and scones of different flavors. Any place that gives u freebies gets high ratings from me, and if its ultra tasty freebies, oh man I’m falling in love w u right now. (Breadwinners is one of those places.) I got an omelette with green bell peppers, mushrooms, chorizo and bacon, with oven roasted potatoes. Very very good, eggs perfectly fluffy, potatoes soft on the inside w a slight crunch on the outside, chorizo and bacon…. who doesn’t love bacon! I don’t care about calories postcall, coz those don’t count.

Kelly got the the hangover cure which is a frittata, and Will got eggs from hell which is a burrito filled with chicken, eggs and poblano peppers topped with mexicali sauce, avocado and sour cream.

I was so full by the end of the meal.. came home, slept, woke up 4 hrs later, went to the gym, ate dinner, watched tv, went back to sleep. Perfect postcall day.


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