I earned my first panera reward

I love studying at panera, its somewhat quiet. Can always find a table. Seats are way more comfy than starbucks. Plenty of food options to choose from.

After work today, went to panera for some lunch and studying. Got a bowl of steak chili with cornbread on top with a side of baguette. After I paid, the cashier informed me I could get a free espresso drink or a smoothie. My reaction was “OH!” Followed by “why”. She mustve thought I was retarded… anyway I got a mocha and instantly regretted. Should have asked if I could saved the reward for another time when I really wanted coffee. The chili was good thought and I ate the outside crusty part of my baguette. Its always funny watching people eat their breads. Some dig the fluffy inside, some like the crust, some well some just like bread and eat everything.

I also wanted something sweet afterwards. A cookie didn’t seem enough, a cinnamon roll seemed too much, muffins too dense. A scone…. mmm…a scone seemed perfect. And it was! I’ve always loved panera’s scones, esp the blueberry which is what I got today. It was PERFECT today. A little toasty on the outside, so when u break it apart, its got that nice crunch but the inside was light and fluffy full of blueberries. It was sooo yummy. I’m still full at this moment.

Location, panera on lemmon


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4 Responses to I earned my first panera reward

  1. halfwayto50 says:

    I love Panera and went there this weekend for some cheddar broccoli soup…. yuuuum! your pictures made me so hungry, thanks for the funny post!

  2. photoshtuff says:

    Omg I was so excited when I finally got my Panera rewards card! I’m so glad that they started the program! And after seeing your photos, I’d kill for a scone right now.

    • jean says:

      orchid, though im not really sure how the panera point system works. so i guess i’ll just have to take the surprises. i love the photos are your blog. i used to take pics w/my real camera but i got really lazy w/the uploading. now i use my phone, so the quality isn’t as good but at least i can update more frequently.

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