Team lunch – maple and motor

After clinic on Thursday, the entire TASC I team went to get burgers for lunch. I had heard of maple and motor and they had really good reviews so I was definitely curious to try it. The owner was apparenly the husband of a urologist at parkland…

When we got there around noonish, there was a line that had extended to the outside of the restaurant, but it moved fairly quickly. The line defn got much longer as we waited. Once we got inside, its a quaint little place, very much hole in the wall. U order at the counter, find a seat to sit down, and they bring ur food out to u.

I got a regular burger which comes with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles onions and mustard. I got mine with without the onions. Got their famous tator tots as well. The burger was very very good. It just tasted very fresh. The only gripe I had was I wish the buns were sturdier, maybe like a pretzle bun or kaiser roll. Coz the patty was super juicy, plus the juice from the condiments, the bun just couldn’t hold everything together. The tots were delicious, crispy, greasy.

My second yr got a cheese burger which he wolfed down very quickly, featured here as well.

Location, maple street, dallas


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One Response to Team lunch – maple and motor

  1. KathyJ says:

    I’m glad someone had a positive experience at this place. I’ve been several times and mine burger has always been overcooked and bland. The last time my bun was also stale.

    To top it off the owner is a real jerk…take some time and read the reviews before you waste your time and money supporting someone so lacking in character.

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