Monthly Archives: December 2010

Bagel day

Got a mani and pedi this morning, then went to panera for some studying. Got a cranberry walnut bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. Location, panera on lemmon Advertisements

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Chicken fried steak

My last day on vascular surgery, yay!! Lunch today at st. paul: chicken fried steak, turnip greens, and cheesy broccoli and rice. Then I got an oatmeal raisin cookie

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Shrimp stirfry

Had time and a litte patience today, so I stood in line for the stirfry station. Todays special was the spicy shrimp stirfry. I also got a side of creamed spinach which was really really good, as u can tell … Continue reading

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Late dinner

Got home from the hospital super late. mom made me some fried rice with eggs shrimp cabbage and some rib meat that she pulled off the bone. It was delicious!

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Got the veggie scramble with brunch potatoes. Peter got the basic eggs overeasy with bacon, potatoes and sundried tomato toast. the free bread this time was zucchini bread, corn muffin, almond lemon cream, and pumpkin spice (and yes I took … Continue reading

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Okay let’s fast forward. Just got a new phone and posting my first entry on the phone. Typing is way easier w a normal keyboard i’d say. I have to work xmas day, in fact all xmas weekend. The hospital … Continue reading

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