King’s noodle

i love a big bowl of spicy noodle soup in the midst of winter. i love them all season long in fact. just more convenient in the winter since u are not visibly perspiring uncontrollably. king’s noodle definitely has one of the best spicy beef noodle soups i’ve ever tasted. the noodles are fresh, thick, w/ a slight chew, but not too slippery like the udon noodles. the beef slices are thick, meaty, not tendon-y or fatty. the broth is flavorful, and u adjust the spiciness yourself by dumping in as much chinese chili oil as you want. mine always turns a dark red w/little chili seeds floating on top. i pay the price later as my nose gets runny when my nonallergic rhinitis compounds the body’s natural parasympathetic response. they top off the bowl w/some vegetables and give you a small dish of chinese pickled cabbage on the side.

the restaurant itself is of a medium size, not heavily decorated, but open and clean. you seat yourself, order at the counter, and they bring your food to you. cash only!

oh so the real reason we went was Cat had been going there a lot for their shaved ice. i normally don’t care for shaved ice which traditionally consists of a pile of ice topped w/condensed milk and different toppings of your choice, such as red beans, green beans, tapioca, jelly of different flavor and shape and size. but at King’s noodle, their shaved ice is first of all, beautiful to look at, and second of all, has a ton of fruit and is topped w/condensed milk AND a scoop of ice cream of your choice!

location: Richardson, TX

spicy beef noodle soup. was soo good and spicy and delicious and meaty and noodley and was just simply wonderful

Cat's fishball soup, she spiced it up too

Cat's fishball soup gone

gorgeous shaved ice, underneath all those fruit balls is a pile of ice

even more views of the shaved ice. i'm eating it w/my eyes as i post

the very last bites or slurps or scoops

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