texas state fair – trip #1

the state fair, sigh where do i begin. the food was soo amazingly fattening, i probably ate a whole week worth of calories in that one afternoon. but it was so good. actually good doesn’t cut it. it was sinful. i felt i should be ashamed of eating what i ate, but i ate it w/pride and glee just like everyone else around me who shamelessly wolfed down one fried item after another. gosh it was good.

location: the texas state fair, Dallas, TX

fried butter

fried butter = fried biscuits w/melted butter in the center. it sounds absolutely disgusting. BUT i just dumped out the butter and ate the dough. it was delicious. it made me 10 pounds heavier

fried snickers

ooey gooey melty peanuty chocolatey goodness

fried oreos

these oreos were excellent. MMMmmmmmm... i salivate as i think about them

cheese quesadilla, this seems so tame and wholesome and healthy in the midst of the fried frenzy

and finally me and my turkey leg. no one can tell me i'm eating something that looks too big for me to eat. no such thing.

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