this is where team burn had our end of the rotation celebration, minus a couple of other key figures.

Snuffers is known for their cheddar fries, the mystique of which i’ve never come to grasp with. fries are supposed to be crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. fries smothered in cheese, or chili, or anything really, are soggy and heavy and feel like a mouthful of lard w/every forkful. i suppose some people like that.

well i like my fries how they are meant to be eaten. simple handcut, freshly fried, crunchy, lightly seasoned w/salt and pepper. so how are their fries?? SALTY. i guess smothering and overloading is a theme at this burger joint.

okay so their burgers…. left quite a bit to be desired. it was good, but no where close to giving me an orgasm. but maybe thats coz i only got the quarter pound… maybe size does matter in this instance?

location: preston road, Dallas

famed cheddar fries -first created in 1978

Rodrigo's half eaten burger- dont remember what he got

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