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TX state fair – trip #2

This was an awesome day. hahahah I laugh as i think about what actually took place. and i still ask myself, did we just do that? really? in the middle of the day? location: fair park, Dallas Advertisements

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King’s noodle

i love a big bowl of spicy noodle soup in the midst of winter. i love them all season long in fact. just more convenient in the winter since u are not visibly perspiring uncontrollably. king’s noodle definitely has one … Continue reading

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texas state fair – trip #1

the state fair, sigh where do i begin. the food was soo amazingly fattening, i probably ate a whole week worth of calories in that one afternoon. but it was so good. actually good doesn’t cut it. it was sinful. … Continue reading

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Nick and Sam’s

one of these drug rep dinners. nick and sam’s is a steak/chop/seafood place. i think i got the filet mignon, a spring salad, and their most memorable, the cheesecake. it was a huge slice, perfectly baked and set, drizzled w/plenty … Continue reading

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this is where team burn had our end of the rotation celebration, minus a couple of other key figures. Snuffers is known for their cheddar fries, the mystique of which i’ve never come to grasp with. fries are supposed to … Continue reading

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Eileen the hostess

went to Eileen’s to watch the VMA, saw gaga in her meat dress and elephant heels, wished that i was going to see Usher, and saw kanye performing his new single runaway which at the time i thought was lackluster, … Continue reading

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Green Papaya

vietnamese food. good decor, friendly service, complementary valet. location: oaklawn/uptown, Dallas

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