frankie’s sports bar and grill

wow. it has been a whole month since i posted last. the past month has been busy, but not crazy. there were definitely moments when i felt flustered, frustrated, powerless and that no matter how hard i tried, it still wasn’t good enough. but i loved loved loved my patients, even the ones that smelled sooo badly and had difficult attitudes. my patients brought me food, they made me cry,  they were every reason i chose medicine as a career.

so i’m still posting foods we had during orientation, and i haven’t taken a lot of pictures last month either. but that needs to change.

the weekend before we started internship, we went to frankie’s on mckinney and got silly. it was really good times. normally i would describe every food in detail, but i barely remember what i had. oh wait i had a chicago style hot dog.

location: uptown, dallas

my beer, first of the many for that night

someone's chicken sandwich i think its chicken?

chicken quesadilla. i think its kelly's

melody's salad

my chicago style hotdog

frank's chicken wrap

melody's half finished salad

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