orientation day 4 – the VA

we got free breakfast and free lunch! i got too excited w/the free breakfast that i forgot to photograph the food, though it wasn’t anything special. they had yogurt, fruit, little greasy, commercially packaged muffins and pastries, and donuts and bagels. we got talked to a lot all morning, then more talking around lunch time. then they gave us mystery lunch boxes that are labeled by one letter written with a ball point pen that you would definitely miss if you didn’t look carefully.

OH THEN we had to get fingerprinted, but i couldn’t do it, because my social security card doesn’t have my middle initial on it! so i have to go back w/my passport at some point before i start my VA rotation. i was NOT a happy person at the end of the day, and no free lunch or breakfast could fix it. maybe free frozen yogurt.

location: the VA hospital, Dallas

mystery lunch box.. you see the T? for turkey

inside the box, sandwich, lays, and cookies

open the sandwich wrapper...

inside of my sandwich...

my unfinished sandwich

ugly crumbly cookies that i refused to touch

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