i would eat this for breakfast everday

in fact, i would eat it 3 times a day with my meals if  1) it opened before noon 2) if i had more money in the bank.

yes, i’m talking about pinkberry.

i was extremely excited when i found out there were TWO froyo places within 2 blocks of my apartment in dallas, pinkberry and orange cup. (okay just a side note, what is w/froyo places having either a color or a fruit in their names, or both. like PINKBERRY, ORANGE cup, RED MANGO, BERRY chill, starFRUIT…). i was more than eager to try pinkberry since it’s mostly just on the west coast. but it has locations in new york as well. it’s a mystery to me why it would open locations in dallas before chicago, i suppose dallas is more west.

so whatd i think? i looved loooved pinkberry. mostly coz its cheaper than similar places in chicago. at pinkberry, they charge you one flat price for toppings and you can get as much as u want as long as it fits in the cup. but at the places in chicago, they charge by the number of toppings (some as expensive as $1 per topping…) which is the case w/orange cup which i shall present to you all later. yes i’ve had it already. pictures are still in my camera at the moment.

pinkberry also has more flavors than most froyo places in chicago, featuring original, mango, passion fruit, pomegranate, chocolate, coconut, and *new* watermelon which i had already but forgot to photograph. i think original is still my favorite, tho i defn enjoyed watermelon and mango =). it tastes similar to red mango, creamier than berry chill, but good nonetheless – a little sour, a little tangy, lots of good for you probiotics. toppings all looked super fresh. mochi was nice and chewy and sticky and powdery…. MMMmmmmm mochi. i could just say that word over and over again in my dream.

location: mckinney and blackburn, dallas

original flavor with mango, mochi, blueberries and strawberries

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One Response to i would eat this for breakfast everday

  1. I wanna try! That looks delicious!

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