burger night

went to some college friends’ house for dinner. luis made his version of rick bayless’s queso fundido burger, which according to luis, bayless made on top chef masters. though i don’t quite remember. queso fundido is a an appetizer of melted cheese, onions, chiles, and meat. luis put chipotle peppers in the burgers, and they were good! I made a couscous salad so everyone meets their daily fiber needs. it turned out really nice too.

location: ben’s apartment

beef patties sizzling in the pan

half cooked patties sitting in a baking pan waiting to be topped w/cheese

patties topped w/cheese

cheese melted

my couscous salad with green peppers, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and shallots, mixed w/olive oil, fresh lime juice, salt, pepper and some cumin

my plate

the burger was very good

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