last dinner w/parents in dallas, for the next couple of months at least

mom was going to make some dinner, but we’ve been running around and doing errands all day long that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do anymore work. so we went to richardson for some good hearty chinese food.

went to this szechuan restaurant that i’d been before when i was apartment hunting. it was very solid szechuan food. spicy was in the name of every dish. spicy and numbing ….

note: i forgot my camera at home. so had to make do w/my camera phone

location: richardson chinatown

泡椒鱼 literally soaked pepper fish. not as spicy as it sounds or looks. fish was tender and flaky. really really nice dish. i'd go back in a heartbeat for it

veggie tofu clay pot. one of the few non spicy dishes. very good also. lots of vegetables

水煮肉 literally water cooked meat. don't be fooled by the name. the meat was definitely not cooked in water, but in super spicy and numbing szechuan chili oil. the dish was ridiculous. we barely ate it.

mom spooned out the chili stuff that was sitting on top of the dish

without the chili topping, the dish looked like this - pork slices sitting on a bed of chinese cabbage

my rice soaked up in chili oil

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