lunch from shady chinese restaurant

whenever i let my gps take me to the nearest anything, let it be super walmart or chinese restaurants, i always find myself in a really shady part of town where windows are barred.

so we didn’t eat much for dinner the night before, and my parents really wanted something w/substance for lunch. so i punched ‘chinese food’ into my gps, and we ended up at some dirty chinese restaurant at who knows where. we ordered some food nonetheless and took it back with us. and afterwards, mom warned me never to go to that part of town.

location: food ordered from some dirty, sketchy chinese restaurant with barred windows.

beef and broccoli

pork ribs with salt and black pepper

moo gu gai pan with chicken

leftover beef from the beef and broccoli. the beef wasn't that great

moo goo gai pan leftover

my bowl of food

my leftovers - breading from the pork ribs

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