Ed’s potsticker house

this is a great little restaurant outside of chinatown featuring northern chinese dishes and snack foods. the flavors are authentic, everything we had was so flavorful and tasty, especially the soups and noodle soups. loved the broth!

highly recommend!

location: 31st and halsted, chicago, IL

soy beans marinated in soy sauce and other spices. every table gets a bowl for free!

shanghainese soup dumplings (okay this is NOT a northern dish). they were okay, there's definitely a lot of soup in there, but very fatty which souldn't be the case

maybe you can see the soup inside the soup dumplings?

vegetarian potstickers. not bad. they could use more filling though

meatball, tofu, vermicilli, chinese cabbage soup pot. very very tasty

the meat filling of the the last soup dumpling

there's the skin of the soup dumpling on my mom's plate

vinegar, soy sauce, and chili oil

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