faculty recognition dinner

this was the night before the hooding ceremony, where all of us got dressed up and enjoyed one last nice meal together before graduation, and celebrated the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another with our families.

the food was ehh…. just the usual 3 courses. nothing really good or bad. it was free for us, but $30 for the first guest, and $50 for each additional.

location: Drake Hotel, downtown chicago

nice mixed green salad w/berries, the muddy liquid on top is balsamic vinagrette


roll with some cheesy looking topping? it was not worth the calories

jacob's buttered bread, ready to be engulfed

jane's almost empty salad plate, with a piece of feta left over

our entree, chicken, salmon, some potato thing, asparagus, and a carrot

i liked the potato thing

my half eaten plate. again not worth the calories

HALF POURED SUGAR for my coffee. absolutely jacob's idea

some apple tart thing with a scoop of ice cream of undiscernible flavor

half way there

was it worth the calories? no. but i like sweets

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