M Henry. take 2. part 1 – sweet

went back to m henry for breakfast/lunch, and was looking forward to finally ordering something sweet. got their french toast special. it was good but not mind-blowing, and i was expecting double mind-blowing. but their ingredients are always super fresh, which i guess is why this place is so popular. though during lunch hr on a thursday, they had plenty of seats open.

i still wish i had had their ‘out of this world breakfast pudding’, but they only have it on weekends for brunch. someone get it for me please and take pics.

my friend got something savory which will be featured in the next post. stay tuned.

location: andersonville, chicago IL

apple cranberry bioche french toast w/vanilla cream and oat crust. i forget what the actual description said, but it came sitting in this almost soup-like fruit mixture/broth, which soaked up the entire bottom piece of french toast. it was interesting

here is the bottom piece of french toast all soaked up in that soupy thing. i didn't like it at first, thought it made everything too soggy, but i liked it better as i ate more of it probably coz the top piece was kinda dry.

top piece of french toast w/the oat crust

the top piece tasted better when it became soaked in the soupy thing

david helped me finish my french toast. though i did well!

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