la madia

went there for dinner the other day with mindy, and thanks mindy for taking the bill!

we sat at the pizza bar and got free complementary glasses of prosecco, and watched the pizza chefs making pizza! i wonder why there weren’t more people sitting there? we were the only two.

the food was great. FIVE stars.

locationa: grand and dearborn, chicago, IL

pizza chef stretching out the pizza dough

pesto sauce

tomato sauce

lots of mozzarella everywhere

add pepperoni to the middle pizza

more adornments

market tomatoes, arugula pesto, ricotta

our pizza! cracked organic egg, san daniele prosciutto, caciocavello cheese and black pepper

it was perfect. prosciutto salty, the egg and cheese blending perfectly. crust is thin and soft and slightly chewy

our other dish! oxtail ravioli in porcini broth. the veggies in the middle was pea shoots

it was soo delicious

each ravioli is a pocketful of meat+broth. so tasty..

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2 Responses to la madia

  1. Diane says:

    Wow Jean, that looks really good!

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