kuma’s corner

aka, crazy big burger.

i wanted to see what the hype was all about. it was a crazy big burger with a giant patty, came in 20 different varieties all named after a heavy metal band. sure it was a good burger, but i never crave giant slabs of meat, so i probably won’t go back. well, i’m moving in a few days, so no won’t be going back.

they didn’t have the beer i wanted, or the beer my friend wanted. their waffle fries were so disappointingly not crunchy. there was no wait however!! (1 hr wait is the norm). i enjoyed the pretzel bun.

location: chicago, IL

allagash white belgian. i can't stand pale beers anymore, so tasteless. i wanted the raging bitch belgian which they had on the menu but not in the restaurant!

'the famous kuma burger'

cheddar, bacon, fried egg staring at your in the face

i put on the top bun, held the burger in my hand, the yolk erupted

runny yolk again. i wish the yolk was fully cooked

half way through

john's burger. don't remember what it was. look how thick the patty was!!

you can see the layers of tomatoes, lettuce, the egg, cheese, patty. i took out the bacon

bacon. was good. just too much

john's messy leftover

this is how much i had left over. the website says its a 10 oz patty, which is more than half a pound. so i ate almost half a pound of meat?!?!? that's crazy.

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