chinese green onion yeast pancakes

this is probably going to be my last how-to in a while since i’m now no longer at home.

these pancakes aren’t the usual green onion pancakes that you see in stores which are non-yeast based. (mom makes those too but i was craving the yeasty, raised dough that these pancakes so deliciously comprise of.)

again i don’t have exact measurements since mom just kinda estimates when it comes to chinese cooking.

location: home home home carmel IN

1. make dough (hahahha). we put flour, yeast, sugar, warm water ( i think that’s it) in our bread machine and it blends and kneads the dough for us. by the time we take it out of the bread machine, it’s rested and ready to be manipulated.

dough whirring in the bread machine

2. break the dough into manageable pieces. my mom works with half of the dough at a time. start rolling it out…

yeast dough starting to be rolled out

3. keep on rolling it out till it’s a large piece. the dough is fairly thin by that point.

dough all rolled out

4. add some salt and oil, and spread it out evenly on the surface of the dough. add chopped green onions.

dough + salt + oil + chopped green onions

5. roll up the dough into a tube

rolling it up

6. once it’s a long tube, roll the dough in from both ends

rolling it in from both ends

7. until it looks like a ball

dough all rolled up again

8. roll the dough out flat again, this time, into a size that fits the pan that it’s going to be cooking in.

roll the dough out again

9. brush the surface with water or oil, cover it with sesame seeds.

sesame seeds covered

10. put the flat dough into a preheated, oiled pan on medium heat. add some water so it just covers the bottom of the pan. cover and cook!

dough in pan, sesame seed side up

11. flip it when one side is brown, may need to flip back and forth a few times so both sides are browned.

still cooking...


green onion yeast pancakes out of the pan………….

it smells of fragrant sesame, it’s got that crunch when you first bite into it, then you taste the dough, it’s soft, it’s slightly chewy, it has a hint of green onions, it’s salty yet slightly sweet. it sends you right into heaven..

green onion yeast pancakes

pancake sliced up

oh the flavor, the texture, the crunch, the chew...

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2 Responses to chinese green onion yeast pancakes

  1. leashieloo says:

    Omg, that looks amazing. Your pictures are all great, I’m starving now.

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