purple chinese vegetable

this is one of my favorite chinese vegetables, which of course my mom grows in the yard. they are not exactly fully ready to eat yet, but mom figured that i wouldn’t be able to eat it again any time soon, she picked some from her garden. they were still young baby leaves and soo tender! they have a deep purple color, and when cooked, their juice runs purple and stains everything purple!

i didn’t bother googling if they had an english name, coz there probably isn’t one.

location: home home home carmel IN

米线菜 literally means rice thread leaf/vegetable. no idea. don't ask me.

sauteed purple vegetable with garlic

raw ingredients: snowpea leaves, romaine lettuce

sauteed romain lettuce.... i don't like it

snowpea leaf and chicken soup

lettuce with mae ploy sweet chili sauce and kraft ranch dressing

leftover braised pork ribs

i pretty much finished the whole plate of the purple veggies

mom ate the whole bowl of salad

chicken soup finished too

mom's chicken bone pile

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