Rick Moonen’s RM seafood – wish i was there

big thanks to eric for taking pictures of the food! i’m absolutely envious that he went to vegas and wish that it would’ve been me gorging on rick moonen’s fish and chips. (i shall have more pics from eric’s foodie excursions in vegas, including hubert keller’s fleur de lys – i’m dying of envy just thinking about this.)

so, this is the ‘fish guy’ as rick moonen calls himself. he’s now in the finale of top chef masters which will air next wednesday on bravo 9 pm CT. i don’t think he will win, because i’m rooting for susur lee, but good luck to him. his seafood restaurant is located in the mandalay bay and is definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in vegas. i remember after watching his first appearance on top chef masters where he made fish and chips, i developed a huge craving for fish and chips and had to get them that weekend, which incidentally took place after seeing anthony bourdain. the fish and chips i got satisfied the craving, but most definitely can’t be as good as rick moonen’s!

location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

RM seafood, wish i was there

hahaha they are playing top chef masters on tv

sweet corn soup with chunks of crab meat (directly quoting eric)

fish and chips (anchor steam beer battered, herbed potato wedges)

the fish was "moist and flaky" -eric

from what i can see, salmon on top of asparagus... the dish isn't on their website menu

strawberry shortcake with raspberry sorbet

very much in line with 'half-eaten's spirit

strawberry shortcake

eric's empty vodka on the rocks. i'm only posting it coz of the eerie lighting

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