making dumplings

mom made dumplings yesterday for dinner. even though she cheated and used store-bought wrappers (she normally makes her own which is a little thicker and chewier than store brands), they were absolutely delicious! (as usual!)

here are the steps:

1. start with ground pork. add 1 egg and whatever seasoning you want to it. we just used salt.

ground pork + 1 egg + seasoning

2. chop up some chinese cabbage finely with a food processor or by hand. squeeze out excess water from the cabbage. add it to pork. you can substitute other vegetables like chinese chives.

chinese cabbage + ground pork

3. stir everything together. add water to make it a smooth mixture. adjust seasoning if needed.

pork and chinese cabbage filling

4. here comes the hard part – making the dumplings. actually it’s not that bad. put some filling in the center of a wrapper, fold the wrapper in half and seal the edges. you may need to moisten the edges with some water if the wrappers are store bought since those can much drier than home made.

okay so if you did what i said, you would get a dumpling, a really ugly one that lies flat on its back. my mom puts just a couple of pleats in there as she seals the edges so the dumplings look a little better. I, on the other hand, make even better looking dumplings than mom as i put in quite a few pleats, and the dumplings are able to sit up, which is perfect for making potstickers. you’ll see what i mean in the following pictures.

put some filling in the center of a wrapper. don't put in too much otherwise you will have a hard time sealing the edges

fold the wrapper in half and start sealing the edges

just keep on pinching

you can see the few pleats my mom puts in there on the backside oft he dumpling

my mom's dumplings. they sort of still lie on their backs.

i put in more and heavier pleats

my dumpling stands up tall

here's a row of my dumplings, all standing up and looking pretty

5. cook them! you can pan fry them to make pot stickers or you can boil them which is a little simpler and has fewer calories. but pot stickers taste soo good.

so pot stickers first, heat up a flat-bottomed pan with some oil, add the dumplings to the pan one by one, make sure each one’s bottom is coated with some oil, and line them up as they go in the pan. add some water to the pan and put on the lid so the dumplings will cook in the water/steam as the bottom crisps up. you may need to rotate the pan every once in a while to make sure the bottom crisps up evenly.

potstickers in the making. dumplings sitting in an oiled pan w/water

now boiling dumplings, much easier. heat up a pot of water to a boil, add dumplings, stir a little so they don’t stick to the bottom. when it comes to a boil, add some tap water, stir a little. when it comes to a boil again, add more water. repeat up to 3 times until they all float up to the top.

remember: raw dumplings sink, cooked dumplings float.

dumplings in boiling water

they are ready

alright, so this is just how to make dumplings. wanna see how they turned out, read my next post!

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