i got a panera card

i’m all about free rewards these days, and once you register your free panera card, you get a free sweet treat, anything sweet in the bakery. and i picked one of the cheapest items.. so stupid. i got the apple crunch muffin which you probably had heard me mention in the past (i was debating between the muffin and a scone that one time). that was $1.79. scones were above $2, so were brownies and blondies, and most definitely pecan rolls. so many good choices and i went with the muffin, and the worst part was, i didn’t even enjoy it! i ate  half of it tossed the rest. i should’ve saved the freebie for something i really wanted when i really wanted it. oh well.. it was free.

i should’ve known i wouldn’t enjoy the muffin that much. it’s got too much sugar and cinnamon, especially on top which is sweet and crunchy but just waay too much sugar for me. the inside was nice and moist with chunks of apple.

location: panera bread, carmel IN

1/2 classic cafe salad, 1/2 smokehouse turkey panini, 1 apple

smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar & sun-dried tomato ale mustard grilled hot on Artisan Three Cheese bread (it was definitely smokey smelling, i didn't taste the 3 cheese in the bread, the bacon looked disgusting in the picture)

my last few bites. looks more appetizing than the previous pic

apple crunch muffin (a sweet muffin, filled with chunks of apple and cinnamon then finished with cinnamon and sugar topping)

very cinnamon-y and sugary

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