mystery ride with stride

there aren’t a lot of things in this world that i would get whenever a new variety pops up. GUM is definitely one of those few things, because 1) it’s cheap as hell – when i can’t afford ritter sport, i can still buy gum 2) i chew a lot of it – my first dentist in chicago told me i had strong masseter muscles probably from teeth grinding but i’m sure gum chewing contributes to my facial fitness 3) there are so many flavors to pick from that i never get bored – pina colada, maui melon mint, strawberry with lime splash, watermelon spring with flavor bursting beads that look like those in exfoliating face washes, etc. 4) i don’t get fat from something that i eat/chew so much of – isn’t that every girl’s dream? to eat as much of something as you want w/o worrying about it going straight to your thighs (or in my case my face)?

anyway, so if you read any of my previous gum posts, or if you know me well, you know trident layers is my gum of choice at the moment, and i haven’t found anything that trumped it yet. in fact, i’m so happy w/trident layers that i’m not on the lookout for new gum as much i used to be.  —- until today

i was in walmart. (walmart and target and walgreens sometimes have the quaintest things.) at the checkout lane, there it was  – stride megamystery gum!

i have read about it online when it first came out but it was my first time seeing it in person, in the store, right in front of me. i had to get it. i was like a kid in a candystore (or jean at a lady gaga concert). i was happy!

location: walmart, somewhere on east 96th street, indianapolis, IN

stride megamystery gum

i open the package

very colorful wrappers

piece of gum inside

i break it in half (i really wish i had my cannon working so you could see the texture of the gum..)

sooo what did i think?

i wish you could smell this thing.. it’s soo fragrant that everytime i walk by my desk where it sits, i can smell it. it’s got a nice fruity (like mixed berry) smell.

then i chew it. definitely an interesting combination of lots of flavors. the first thing that struck me was mojito, so think a little minty, a little lime-y. then i got a lot of fruit flavors, mango was definitely one, then its still got that mixed berry flavor that it smelled of.

unlike other stride gum (and what stride claims to be), the flavor wasn’t long lasting at all. after a mere 10, not even 10, FIVE minutes, the burst of flavors i first experienced dwindled down to something nondescript, very generic and plain tasting. i didn’t chew it for long enough to see how good of a chew it’s got, like if it gets soggy or hard on your jaws after a while. but i suspect that it shouldn’t be too bad… i just know.

would i buy it again? sure. i would just spit it out after 10 minutes, which may rack up the cost, which may go against my number 1 reason in the first paragraph (see above).

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