braised pork ribs yum!

i didn’t take pics of my lunch yesterday since it wasn’t anything exciting. had some zongzi after i came back from the dentist. thought about going to this new frozen yogurt place that was on the way home, but i really wanted some real food, and driving back out after lunch just for frozen yogurt seemed like too much work for me.

for dinner, mom made some braised pork ribs with this chinese dried cabbage( 梅干菜) which has a very distinct smell to it. i particularly don’t like it, but the pork ribs were sooo good. i had about 5 pieces before my mom told me about this murder that took place in .. new york.. i think where some hispanic guy tried to rape this chinese girl but because she was struggling, he ended beating her in the head with some metal object until her 脑浆 (brain juice literally) spilled out everywhere. i like goriness and disgusting stuff, but that story just completely killed my appetite for any more soy sauce colored fatty pork ribs.

location: home home home carmel, IN

梅干菜烧肉 braised pork ribs

collard greens with edamame (there's no chinese name for it because chinese people don't eat collared greens)

豆苗汤泡饭 snowpea soup with my leftover rice. doesn't it look pretty?! this is going to be the last picture taken with my cannon at home before it died depleted of battery power

pork rib bones. see i like bones and stuff, just can't stand talks of brain juice while i'm chewing on one.

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