fish fry (炸鱼片)

more fish stuff.. since we have so much fish!

remember the fish fillets my mom filleted off the fish dad caught on saturday (gory fish picture day). okay you don’t. but it’s okay. so my mom had them saved in the fridge for a couple of days and fried them yesterday for dinner.

here are the steps:

1. fillet the fish and cut them into small pieces, or large pieces, but those take longer to fry and get greasier. you can marinate them however you want. my mom used minimal seasoning. just some salt. not even chinese cooking wine since the fish was really fresh and didn’t smell of any fishiness.

the last couple of slices of fish waiting to be coated

2. coat the fish slices in panko.

3. fry the fish in very very hot oil until both sides turn golden brown. it shouldn’t take very long, a coupe of minutes, since the fish slices are small and thin.

4. they are ready to eat, plain, dipped, coated in more sauce, however you want. we like to dip them in spicy soy sauce (辣酱油).

pure deliciousness, crunchy, flaky, very little grease

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