oriental buffet and grill

my cousin started waitering at oriental buffet and grill on the south side of indianapolis. so my parents and i went this weekend for lunch as a surprise to him and requested him as our waiter. it was his first job ever, and it was so nice to see him finally learning to stand on his own. he did an excellent job and we tipped him well =).

the buffet itself is ehh… i mean it’s got the standard americanized chinese affair. nothing exciting. i had 3 pieces of fried banana…

location: indianapolis, IN

store front

my first plate (starting at upper left corner going counterclock: fried biscuit, fried scallop, fried wonton, fried banana, hunan chicken, fried shrimp, seafood special, szechwan chicken, steamed bun. middle: vermicelli with eggs and veggies)

fried scallop, fried wonton, fried banana

my second plate (starting at upper left going counterclock: lo mein, vegetables, vermicelli, fried banana, hunan chicken, chicken and mushroom, honey chicken)

steamed longevity peach bun

steamed longevity peach bun with red bean filling

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