wild blueberry from panera

it was friday before the memorial day weekend, and the panera bread in carmel was packed at 11 am. i wondered to myself if people in carmel had jobs. i’m sure they do since carmel is one of the richest towns in indiana… maybe they work from home or panera, or they marry rich.

good news about this panera bread is that there’s no official wifi limit during lunch time, as in they don’t cut you off after 30 minutes. but on the log-in screen, they suggest that you keep your internet time to 30 minutes during peak hours. i, of course, did not obey that suggestion seeing how i was one of the few people who had laptops, and figured that i probably wouldn’t take up too much of their bandwidth. i’ve kept my pirating self at bay so far.

they have a new muffin, the apple crunch muffin, and a new scone, the strawberry cream scone. i was first drawn to the muffin, wanting something w/more moisture. then i was curious about the scone. torn between the two, i asked the two old ladies in front of me which one they would pick. both went with the apple crunch muffin, saying that was sweet and cinnamon-y and had a sugary topping for that nice crunch. it did look very moist and scrumptious, however i ended up going with the wild blueberry scone. hahahah i guess my strategy for not being able to decide between two things is to go with neither.

the blueberry scone looked so full of blueberries w/that perfect golden sheen that would give it a nice crunch on the outside but still retain that crumbly moist texture on the inside.

strawberry cream scone next time.

location: carmel, IN

wild blueberry scone (overfilled with wild blueberries and cream)

nice and golden

perfectly moist and crumbly

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