shrimp and squash dinner

my mom buys these japanese squash, which she grows in the yard as well but is not fruiting time yet. so she buys these and steams it, and it comes out perfectly…. 粉 as we say it in chinese. it literally translates to ‘powdery’, but that makes it sound dry while it really isn’t. it’s moist but not soggy. kinda like a perfectly baked potato.

not photographed: sauteed baby bok choy, tomato and egg drop soup, leftover snow pea leaves, leftover baked beans.

location: home home home, carmel, IN

蒸南瓜 steamed japanese squash

steamed japanese squash

the peel is edible!

扶手瓜,蘑菇炒虾仁 mushroom, shrimp sautee with this zuchini type of vegetable

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