my favorite and least favorite fruit

i had half of a banana before i went to panera, and when i came back, the peel had perfectly darkened and shriveled, taking on that poopy color and slightly fermented odor. the inside was fine.

bananas are one of my least favorite fruits. they are just so…. dry. when i want a fruit, i want something juicy and crunchy, not mushy and dry. though i eat it once in a while if i feel my body needing potassium.

on the other hand, watermelons are the perfect fruit! juicy and fragrant and pretty and sweet. i can eat until my stomach is about to burst, then spending the next 2, 3 hours making trips to the bathroom, but so worth it. and if you have kidney stones, this is the perfect fruit to help you pee them out!

location: home home home, carmel, IN

half of a banana that is half a day old

my favorite fruit of the whole wide world, the delicious and diurectic watermlon

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