istria cafe

istria is a little place across the street from my apartment building, in direct competition with regent’s cup which really is no competition at all, even with its banana cake.

istria is always clean, always friendly, always fresh. they play good hiphop when black guys are working. they are almost always out of blueberry scones and almond croissants – those are my favorites probably many others’ too. gelatos are okay, overpriced. they give you 1.5 hrs of free internet, after which, if you are thick-skinned like me, you go up to the counter and ask for another wifi code w/o purchasing a second item. but you probably shouldn’t stay there for more than 1.5 hr anyway, especially around lunch hour, unless you don’t mind coming out smelling like grilled paninis.

a side note, i brought the cookie home in indiana. my mom was absolutely amazed w/the size of this thing. she was like, how big of a cookie (in chinese)!! and she enjoyed it. but i ate most of it.

location: cornell and 51st, chicago

16 oz iced sugarfree skim vanilla latte

oatmeal raisin cookie

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