dinner time!

we eat dinner at home at 6:15 pm everyday. 6:30 is considered late, 6 early. there is always at least two dishes, most of the time 3+, and one soup.

my mom has a giant vegetable garden, so most of the veggies we have on the table come from our own yard. not only is it cheaper (actually i don’t know if it’s cheaper if you count all the fertilizers and soil my mom uses and the intensive labor that goes into it), but it also gives us much more variety since a lot of these veggies are chinese and can’t be found in american grocery stores.

not photographed: canned baked beans, sauteed asparagus

location: home home home, carmel, IN

豆苗 sauteed snowpea leaves (before snow peas fruit)

辣子鸡 spicy peppery chicken

生菜豆腐木耳汤 lettuce, tofu, woodear soup (it's fish broth i think)

chicken before

chicken after (dad's magical work)

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