banana cake

there’s a coffee shop on the bottom floor of my apartment building, called ‘regent’s cup.’ sometimes i wonder how much money it makes coz it sits right across the street from istria’s cafe which has been around for longer and has more seats and offers fresh pastries and gelato. the only people who would go to regents cup live in regents, but if they bother to get dressed to leave their apartment, they might as well walk across the street and get the good stuff.

however, despite all the overpriced stale pastries regent’s cup sells, it does have one thing that keeps drawing me back and having me spend a good $3.75 on something that will send me to the gym the next day. and that is their banana cake. it’s rich and creamy and soft and banana-y and maybe that is the secret that regent’s cup exists till this day.

location: regents park apartment, chicago

banana cake

every bite is savored

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