trident layers

i thought i was going to start a gum blog – coz i just love trying different kinds of gum -until i found my favorite, which i’ve been sticking with ever since it first came out on the shelf. so there goes my gum blog idea. but here are my top gum list:

1. trident layers (both strawberry and apple flavors are good. i like them equally. perfect balance of soft chewiness and flavor)

2. orbit maui melon mint (good flavor that lasts a decent amount of time, great chew, doesn’t make your face spastic after chewing it for 30  minutes)

3. trident watermelon twist (used to be my favorite before i discovered #1 and #2. i like the flavor a lot, even better than maui melon mint, but it hurts my cheeks after chewing it for a while)

4. orbit mist watermelon spring (its got a very unique and interesting texture that’s equivalent to the scrubbing kind of facewash with beads. it does deliver a burst of refreshingness like it promises, but it makes the gum soggy very quickly. if you have it in ur mouth for more than 30 minutes, you will have trouble spitting all of it out as some of it will have broken apart from the rest and hidden in the crevices of your teeth. hence for the next 30 minutes, you will continue spitting out gum, in tiny little pieces.)

top spearmint gum: stride – longest lasting flavor, refreshing/minty/sweet spearmint.

trident layers wild strawberry + tangy citrus

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