panera bread

i went to panera bread yesterday for lunch and for some food blogging after picking up my $400 glasses which look fabulous by the way. i don’t think i’ve ever seen this clearly in a long while, better than contacts. i was sad to see that panera instituted the 30min wifi rule during their peak lunch hour from 11:30-1:30. surely enough, after 30 minutes, i was kicked off the internet. but being the resourceful person i am, i googled ‘hacking panera past wifi limit’ on my phone, and there were in fact two articles online, one of which i couldn’t access for some reason. the other one was mainly for mac users, coz apparently it’s easier for macs to fake their ip address or something like that. so i sat patiently wifi-free until 1:30 when i was able to log on again, while trying to sort through the messy itunes duplicates before giving up.

location: diversey and broadway, chicago

chicken tortilla soup in sourdough bread bowl (roasted corn and Poblano peppers, black beans and tomatoes seasoned with both ancho and chipotle chilies with hints of cumin and lime, supposedly topped with tri-colored tortilla strips - but where are they?!)

bread cap soaked in soup

spoonful of mushy bread

finished the soup!

my side to the soup

frozen strawberry lemonade... melted and separated

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