yogurt is my calcium

i had a yogurt for breakfast yesterday before heading out to caribou coffee for some food blogging. my mom buys me several 6-pack activia’s at a time. i tell her to get me the ‘light’ variety, but i think she just gets whatever is on sale. the regular kind is discernibly sweeter than the light kind and has 40 more calories per one of those little cups! i’m back to being regular again after coming back from the cruise.. don’t know if it’s the activia…

the apple.. well.. that was from the night before. i cut up a giant one, saved half of it in the refrigerator and this is what it came out to be the next morning.

caribou location: michigan ave, chicago

leftover 1/2 of a giant fuji apple from the night before

dannon strawberry activia

sugar free skim vanilla latte from caribou coffee

foamy caribou coffee lid

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