after we got off the ship at 9 am, we had some time to kill before catching our respective flights. eric yelped brunch places and found one fairly nearby, but it didn’t open till 11 am (it was friday). so we cabbed to a starbucks and uploaded pictures from the trip. i got drinks w/eric’s black platinum starbucks card that gave me a 10% discount. it made me feel for a second like a starbucks exclusive club memeber.

morgan’s was good, not the best fish sandwich of my life kind of good, but very solid. unfortunately no brunch on friday, but i bet they have a very interesting brunch menu.

location: miami, FL

black forest ham, brie, crisp green apples piled high on a brioche bun (there was soo much ham i had to remove half of it before being able to take a bite without tearing my masseter muscles. but it was delicious!)

voluptuous grilled cheese (gruyere)

chicken salad sandwich (breast of free range chicken, cranberries, walnuts, hint of tarragon)

my pickle, some torn off brioche, a fry

eric's half eaten pickle

karl's pickle

blackberry bread pudding (it came out warm covered in blackberries, delicious!)

blackberry bread pudding almost gone

streaks of blackberry bread pudding sauce

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One Response to morgan’s

  1. myra wexler says:

    I love me my Morgans.
    Count on it.
    Their Brunch Menu is the bomb.

    I do a weekly Arts Networking Event on their fabulous porch @the long tables every
    Musing @ Morgan’s for . 5 to 7PM

    If ever back in our fabulous City, please stop by and say hello.
    Next time @Morgan’s be sure and check out their upstairs dining area.
    So unique and simply gorgeous.

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