cruise dinner #3

so the night before there was a pool party at midnight with a buffet where there was a fruit table with fruit kabobs in chocolate sauce, and lots and lots of fresh fruit. by the end of the buffet as they were cleaning up, they were just dumping everything on the table into the trash, by everything i mean all the fresh fruit that was perfectly good to eat. it was so sad to think there was plenty of people out there who couldn’t afford to buy fresh vegetables and fruit (aka south side of chicago), and there they were.. just trashing everything. but did that change my behavior of ordering multiple entrees and desserts and only taking a few bites of each? no… i’m such a hypocrite.

french onion soup with brioche, raspberry and pineapple soup

tempura mahi mahi and shrimp

potato gnocchi with ham and peas

steak, portebella, mashed potatoes, and green bean (a small version of someone else's meal)

apple cake (i ate the apples on top)

banana parfait

chocolate mousse sandwich

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