pascal’s on ponce (savory)

pascal’s on ponce = the best fish sandwich i have ever had. it was everything i’d want when craving a fish sandwich, and more! it was just .. a thick piece of fish, real fish, perfectly cooked, fork-tender, without a whole lot of embellishments – just greens, tomatoes, and remoulade, all on a toasted bun. it was simple and delicious, and if heaven had a taste, that’d be it. it was just soooo soooo good. i’m speechless. gah. i want one now even tho i just had dinner. and the fries were absolutely perfect as well, served in a ramekin, but i didnt eat that much of it, my heart was w/the fish.


thanks to eric for discovering it. he said it was rated the #1 french restaurant in the country… i dont know which rank list he looked at. though i dont really believe that, my fish sandwich was #1 in my heart.

Location: coral gables in miami, FL

grouper sandwich, remoulade, greens, tomato on a parmasean bun

the perfect meal

sirloin gourmet burger filled with braised short ribs

tasting portion of tomato fennel soup

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One Response to pascal’s on ponce (savory)

  1. Eric says:

    Bon Appetit’s Best French Food in America for 2000!

    Places that give complimentary tastings automatically win me over.

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